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EPROX was distinguished as one of the leading companies in the field of export to Africa, Europe and various countries of the world.
It guarantees quality and competitive prices through our partnership with the largest manufacturers in Egypt and abroad.

EPROX provides logistics, packing and shipping services


Mineral water, juices, fizzy drinks, instant drink mixes (such as hot chocolate & cappuccino), tea and coffee

Rice & Pulse

Rice, wheat, fava beans, beans, lentil, chickpea, cracked green wheat (freek) and lupine.

Dairy & Breakfast Products

Egg, milk, powder milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese (such as feta cheese, roumy cheese, istanbolly cheese), olive, jam, honey, halva and breakfast cereals.

Canned Food

Tuna – luncheon (beef and chicken) and sardine

Spices & Condiments

Salt, spices, stock (such as chicken, meat and vegetables stock), ready soup, kofta mix, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, tomato paste, pickle, vinegar and sauces.

Oil & Ghee

Sunflower oil,corn oil,mix oil,olive oil and ghee.

Fruit & Vegetables

Seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Chilled & Frozen Food

frozen meat products (such as burger, hotdog and kofta), chicken products (such as breaded chicken breasts and chicken strips), chilled meat and chicken products (such as luncheon, sausage and salami), frozen vegetables and frozen French fries and ice cream assortments.

Cleaning Products

Powder and liquid detergent, dish washing detergent, multipurpose cleaners, toilet cleaners, bleacher, softener, cloth and sponges, metal wire, hard surface cleaner, solvent, anti-odor and glass cleaner.

Paper Products

Diaper, hygienic pad, paper towel, tissue, napkin, toilet tissue and wet wipes.

Textiles products

Towels, yarn for producing fabrics, bed sheets, bath robe, mattress protector, duvet cover, pillow cases

Minerals & Metallurgy

terpolymer,iron oxide,calcium carbonate,potassium nitrate,ammonium sulfate,clinker,marble and granite,potassium chloride,calcuim oxide,marble,Granite


bedrooms,wooden doors and chairs,dinning room,home and out door furniture

packing products

Cartoon, POF Shrink Film, stretch film, PET Plastic Strapping, PP Plastic Strapping, adhesive tape, PE Protective film, Hot Melt Adhesive, Tear Tape, easy open, handle materials

Plastic and aluminum products

dishes, utensils, bottles

Electrical products

Power cables (Building Wires-Low voltage power cables-Medium-voltage cables-High-voltage cables-Ultra high voltage cables-Overhead bare conductors), Panels, led lighting, electricity meter

Pipes and bathroom accessories

PPR-UPVC-PE- Fittings

Home Appliances

haeters-dish washer-cooker-air conditioner-refrigerators-freezer-steam iron


Casual, Classic , Man suit,T-shirts, jeans, women wear

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